Possible, right?

Someone said to me: that’s setting the bar very high. It is, and I know that.

Only where I set that bar is up to me. The question I have to ask myself is: do I want that? Is that my dream, my ambition?

Not really, because this down-to-earth Dutch person also knows that that is not doable, especially in the one-woman show I am now.

But is it an inspiration? Does it drive me? Does it give me the energy to look beyond? YES, it is resounding YES.

Because Haute Couture has always been an inspiration to me. And then not so much in wanting to imitate or reach that level (although, the latter…). But it’s the stories behind those well-known brands, how they approach and put things down and sell them.

It’s the materials, the colours, the design language, the fabrics and, above all, putting down a brand. In other words: storytelling.

Something small, from a big brand.

Because everyone knows 1 or 2 brands from the above list. And then where do you know it from?

Maybe you have makeup or a fragrance from one of the brands. Maybe you, like me, are a fan because you know the history of the house? Or do you like clothes and are one of those people who can wear this kind of brand?

I have mascara by Dior, once had a fragrance by Chanel, and I hope to buy a bag by Schiaparelli in the future. Because I am a massive fan of Schiaparelli and this fashion house’s remarkable history.

Why? Well, they have quite a presence in marketing techniques, they have everything lined up, and every brand above does have features that we see in the current fashion scene.

A Kobak.

And this may sound a little weird or crazy, but I am actually becoming a kind of “brand” myself.

Beautiful example: I was recently told she was so happy that she also had a real Kobak. By the way, that does bring tears to my eyes, seriously. After all, isn’t that the best compliment you can get?

And that is also precisely what I want and what I strive for with my one-woman show. I want to make people happy with my creations. That someone is genuinely happy with her Kobak, or that people recognize the style in someone else’s jewel.

But most of all, I want to capture someone’s story or precious memory in gold, gems and pearls. In a real Kobak!


Purchasing a piece of jewellery is a celebration and a special occasion. You, the customer, choose to purchase that one piece of jewellery from a particular goldsmith/designer or have a beautiful piece of jewellery made. You have looked around, visited websites and maybe already talked to that person?

And there are lots of goldsmiths and jewellery designers in the Netherlands, but why a Kobak?

What attracts you to my work? Why do I have some lovely regulars who come back? And what attracts new customers to my work?

And by work, I don’t just mean the jewellery I design and make, but also how I express myself on social media, how I come across when people meet me for the first time at a trade show or my studio (sorry, I have a neutral look that some people have to poke through sometimes, but that’s just the way my face sits best ;-D).

I talk fast; I’m energetic; I’m honest; above all, I sincerely think I have the best profession on the planet.

And that’s why I want to raise that bar. I want to keep designing and making beautiful jewellery, and keep challenging myself. Sometimes I want to make choices that maybe not everyone understands; I want to give my clients an unforgettable moment, sometimes, I want to jump off the bandwagon, and I like very much to continue to grow.


And for that, you need inspiration, something that drives, energises, and lifts you in the moment of adversity. But also that it is okay to keep dreaming and, therefore, it’s okay to put yourself among a row of hugely famous names because it fits pretty well.

Also, one of the reasons for starting a blog.

So that I can take you into this, literally, wonderful world that is full of wonderful stories, sufficient facts and beautiful techniques. And I can tell you more about my inspiration, drive, and way of working. In turn, I hope to inspire and inform you by doing so.

Love, Sarah


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