Handmade jewellery, what does that mean?

Handmade is a term we often see under jewellery and other products. But the degree to which something is handmade is rarely precise. Sometimes it only concerns a small part of a process that is done by hand.

Gemstone jewellery generally has a part of the process that must be done by hand. Especially setting the stones is often an art in itself, and some professionals specialize in this at a high level.

Not everything you find at a jeweller is handmade. But at Sarah Kobak everything is handmade. Not only conceived and designed herself but also the entire output from A to Z is done by Sarah. Sometimes she works together with a stone setter, but usually, Sarah does everything herself. Special and authentic. Because even her ready-to-wear collections, which you can buy directly from her in the studio, are made in such a limited edition that you will not soon meet someone with the same piece of jewellery.

Her love for the profession, her long experience and her technical skills drive the energetic and inspirational Sarah every day to design and make the most fantastic jewellery.

At Sarah Kobak, from design to the result, everything is handmade. With love. For you!