Collectibles by Kobak – 4.0



I am so proud of this new design for my Collectibles Collection!

It is a design, inspired by the previous Collectible, and holds 1 pearl and 2 amazing gemstones. And that is because these gems and pearls are such a good match. The baroque shape of the freshwater pearl, in combination with a brilliant cut mint green tourmaline and an oval cut lavender colored amethyst. A ‘unicorn’ effect as someone so beautifully described it. And I certainly agree. Because just like the unicorn, this ring is unique. A collector’s item or wearable art?

I really enjoyed sitting behind my workbench to design and create this ring from A to Z. There is also a new touch hidden in this ring: the transition from granules to diamonds on the side of the large setting. An unobtrusive yet appropriate new development in my work. And I can tell you that you will see this transition from granules to diamonds more in upcoming designs.

The features of this special ring:

  • 18kt yellow gold (ring, settings and granules)
  • Tourmaline
  • Amethyst
  • Diamond
  • Freshwater pearl
Dimensions gemstones and pearl:
  • Amethyst 10x8mm (fantasy cut)
  • Mint green tourmaline 5x5x5mm (trilliant cut)
  • Freshwater pearl+/- 11.5mm
  • Diamond
Ring sizes:
  • 7mm wide
  • 1mm thick
Ring size:
  • 18+ (note: this ring cannot be re-sized)