18K gold ring with tanzanite.



My first tanzanite used for a design for my own collection. It’s a gemstone with a very intense blue/violet colour.

Although the inhabitants of the country themselves were already familiar with the enchanting beauty of this gemstone, it was only discovered in Tanzania in 1967 for gemology by Mr Manuel de Souza. With it’s amazing color and beautiful shine, it is a true magical spectacle.

Tanzanite is a gemstone that is softer on the Mohs scale. Where diamond is at place 10 (as the hardest gemstone known to mankind), Tanzanite is at place 6 to 6.5. Some caution when wearing this gemstone is therefore always advised.

The Fine & Striking Collection.

I have set this tanzanite in a rub-over setting, with my well-known granules used next to it. The ring is part of the Fine & Striking Collection and can be worn beautifully together with one of the other rings from this collection. But wearing it solo, is something that can be done easily and it looks just as stunning.

You are most welcome to come and admire, try on and experience this ring for yourself in my studio in Beltrum. You can schedule an appointment yourself via the online agenda.


  • 18K yellow gold
  • Tanzanite gemstone

Gemstone size:

  • 9x7mm (0.98ct)

Ring sizes:

  • Ring size 17.25 (can be custom made)
  • Thickness of the ring 2mm (round wire)