Three is a charm




This ring has become a recurring model in my collection over the past few years. Because you can vary beautifully with the sizes and colours of these gemstones, it is a very suitable model to use more often. This model has been used very often, as inspiration for customers for their own “charming ring. I often use precious existing gold to make a kind of ring out of this.

The gemstones may all have a different size or cut, but often the colour plays the lead role in this design. Either all colours are the same, or tone-on-tone or contrasting. There are so many ways to make a ring like this. Do you have any questions about this ring model? Please contact me.

The ring pictured is a 14kt yellow gold ring with 3 totally different colours of tourmaline. Between and around the settings and gemstones, you can find my signature. My granules. This ring is a case of “Love it or hate it. You either like the colours or you don’t. And that’s okay because you can’t argue about taste! But that’s also a nice thing about this ring model. So much is possible when you have a similar ring made just for you on a custom basis.


  • 14K yellow gold
  • Tourmaline

Gemstone sizes:

  • 4.5mm
  • 5mm
  • 6mm

Ring sizes:

  • 6mm wide
  • 1mm thick

Ring size:

  • 18.5