Through this blog, I would like to take you into the beautiful world of goldsmithing, jewellery design and all that is involved.

There is much to tell, and I would like to show you what inspires and motivates me. That inspiration ranges from my love of Haute Couture to the magical world of gems and pearls. But I also want to tell you about, for example, the Guild of Goldsmiths and tips for maintaining your jewellery.

I love to write, and I hope to use it to inform and inspire you.

Because I say it often, I’ll repeat it: I have the most beautiful profession in the world. It is a world full of beauty, magic, dirty hands, skill, colour, special stories, trial and error…. And so much more.

Do you have questions or want more information after reading one of the blogs? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Love, Sarah Kobak

Pearls are always appropriate.

Pearls are always appropriate - Jackie Kennedy. Where pearls used to have a reserved and stale image, I see all around me that the pearl is making a comeback. And how! Almost every goldsmith/designer I follow on Instagram uses pearls in their jewellery. And everyone...

Dior – Kobak – Prada

DiorChanelGucciKobakFendiPrada Possible, right? Someone said to me: that's setting the bar very high. It is, and I know that. Only where I set that bar is up to me. The question I have to ask myself is: do I want that? Is that my dream, my ambition? Not really,...