Custom jewellery design by Sarah Kobak.

At Sarah Kobak, you can choose from her ready-to-wear collection and have your own unique piece of commissioned jewellery designed. Sarah’s passion for jewellery making is reflected in each handmade piece crafted with attention to detail and quality in her workshop in Achterhoek.

Inspired by the richness of nature, the sophistication of haute couture and her love of vibrant colours, Sarah brings your personal story to life in each jewellery design. The customisation process at Sarah’s is a collaboration where your vision and desires are at the centre. With her expertise in jewellery design and goldsmithing, you will create a unique piece that has a deeper meaning.

Whether it’s a unique engagement ring, a commemorative piece of jewellery, or a personal style accent, Sarah’s craftsmanship as a professional goldsmith ensures a result that exceeds your expectations.

Experience the luxury of a handmade, personally designed piece of jewellery. Contact Sarah Kobak to realize your unique piece of jewellery.