Jewellery Design by Sarah Kobak

At Sarah Kobak, you will only find jewellery that has been conceived, designed and made by her. You read that right; Sarah designs and makes every piece of jewellery herself.

She also pays a lot of attention to selecting the perfect gemstones and pearls for her creations.

Designing jewellery collections is a creative process. It always starts with inspiration and the ability to turn this inspiration into a design. This requires exceptional imagination, and any artist and craftsman or woman will be able to tell you.

Sarah’s inspiration can lie anywhere, but her love for the particulars from a ”Wunderkammer” and Haute Couture drives her imagination to new heights every time.

That inspiration translates into the use of colour and any combination thereof.

Each gemstone is a small miracle itself, and Sarah would tell you about this with passion. That combination of gemstones, inspiration, the story of Sarah’s creative process, the balance, technique and execution ultimately form the design and jewellery.

Bespoke – jewellery made to order

Her collections are beautiful, but Sarah also works ”bespoke” (on commission). You can have your own piece of jewellery designed, an exceptional process where Sarah will ask and tell you a lot in order to come up with a design that completely suits you! But with that own style that characterizes Sarah. You can rest assured; you are in the very best hands with Sarah. And you walk out the door with a beautiful, commissioned jewel, entirely to your liking and taste.

After an intake conversation, Sarah will start designing, with you and your wishes in mind. As a professional with deep knowledge and rich experience, she translates your story, emotions and wishes into a design produced by Sarah herself after your approval. Sarah’s craftsmanship as a goldsmith transforms your design into a beautiful jewel.

Buying this form of jewellery, whether you buy it from her ready-to-wear collection or have it designed, is a form of slow luxury. Enjoying the process, the unique talents of a professional, nothing is done in a hurry here. This is certainly not an assembly line thought. Worldwide there is a growing interest in this form of luxury and attention. And we can tell you that once you have awarded yourself a self-designed handmade jewel by jewellery designer Sarah Kobak, you will want to experience this form of slow luxury more often!