1. Is making a piece of jewellery by a goldsmith more expensive than buying a piece of jewellery ready-made in the store?

Having a piece of jewellery made by a goldsmith such as Sarah Kobak is not necessarily more expensive, but it is more valuable. There is a lot of knowledge and skill involved and an enormous dose of love and attention. Jewellery is genuinely authentic and often even unique or made in a limited edition.

2. Can I also come by to view the collection?

Yes! You certainly can. You are most welcome to visit the studio. Sarah Kobak’s studio is open by appointment, and you can easily make an appointment yourself via this website. The coffee and tea are ready! You always have an appointment directly with Sarah herself.

3. What kind of diamond does Sarah use?

Sarah works exclusively with natural diamonds that have been mined responsibly. For this, she works with a reliable fixed supplier.

4. Are the jewellery made sustainably?

The jewellery made in Sarah’s studio is made of precious metals purchased from suppliers who are members of the ‘Gold Covenant’. She recycles as much as possible by saving up leftover pieces of precious metal and remelting them.

5. How long does it take to have my jewellery designed and made by Sarah?

Having a new piece of jewellery made takes approximately 6 and 8 weeks. Everything depends on the complexity and execution that this piece of jewellery needs.

6. Is there a warranty on Sarah’s jewellery?

In the unlikely event that a complication occurs after purchasing a piece of jewellery, please get in touch with Sarah as soon as possible. Sarah examines what is going on with you and then always looks for a good and quick solution. Sarah is an active member of the national professional body, The Gold & Silver Federation (FGZ), and is a member of the Complaints Committee.

7. I gave a piece of jewellery as a gift, but can it be exchanged?

Exchange is, of course, possible in case the jewellery is not to your taste.

Provided the jewellery is in neat, unworn condition, you can opt for a voucher or select a new piece of jewellery immediately. It is nice to take the giver of the gift with you and come together to see something that does suit your taste. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a refund.

8. Help, I have lost a stone, now what?

That is, of course, very annoying! If you contact Sarah as soon as possible, she will immediately look for a good solution with you.

9. Can I buy Sarah’s jewellery elsewhere?

No. Especially because Sarah wants to keep the contact with her customers so valuable and personal. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook and you are always welcome in the studio in Beltrum.

10. I am giving a piece of jewellery as a gift, can I have it wrapped in a beautiful gift box?

You can! Sarah turns your gift into a party (and is happy to use her gift-wrapping skills she once learned at Parfumerie Douglas! ).

11. I want to have wedding rings made, is that possible at Sarah Kobak?

Yes, you can also have your wedding rings made at Sarah Kobak. You will not get this authentic and personal anywhere, and of course, Sarah works entirely according to the wishes of the future bridal couple. Please note: Sarah does not have a ready-made collection of wedding rings but has all the creative and technical skills to design and make beautiful and personal wedding rings.

12. Can I also visit for repairs on my jewellery?

Yes, since 2024, you can also go to Sarah Kobak for repairs on your precious jewellery.