Discover the Splendour of Gemstones with Sarah Kobak

For Sarah Kobak, one thing is clear: a piece of jewellery without gemstones cannot be associated with “Sarah Kobak. Her love for gemstones began in her youth when she was enchanted by the local mineral store, which felt like a treasure trove to her. Hours were spent in the store, marking the beginning of her collection of rough and polished gemstones.

This love has only grown over the years. Sarah says, “The colours and textures in gemstones appeal to me so much.” And she adds, “I continue to marvel at the fact that these treasures were created in the earth.”

It is important to note that Sarah works exclusively with natural gemstones and does not use synthetic varieties.

Favourite Gemstones: Tourmalines and Corundum Gemstones

Her favourite gemstones are tourmalines and corundum gemstones, including rubies and sapphires. Both types offer beautiful possibilities regarding lustre, colour, intensity and inclusions. Finding the perfect balance is a challenging puzzle that Sarah loves. She understands that when the balance of colour, contrast and cut is correct, it can make all the difference to the piece of jewellery. Her keen eye and in-depth knowledge help her select gemstones and pearls for her collections.

Purchasing and selecting pearls and gemstones are moments for Sarah in which she completely loses herself, just like the little girl she once was. She says, “And there’s always so much more to learn.”

Pearls: The Discovery of Versatility

Pearls did not conquer Sarah’s heart until later in her career. Initially, she associated pearls more with her grandmother. Fortunately, she discovered that pearls are incredibly versatile, and she now uses different types of pearls in her jewellery. The variation in colour and shape is much more significant than just the classic white Akoya pearl. Sarah is happy to tell you more about pearls in all their forms and varieties in her studio.

Sarah likes to combine her gemstone jewellery with granules small gold beads. She has mastered this technique to perfection and gives the rings an organic and vibrant look. Are you fascinated by gems and pearls and the rich stories behind them? Don’t hesitate to ask Sarah to tell you more!