For Sarah, it is straightforward: a piece of jewellery without precious stones is not a ‘Sarah Kobak’!

Her love for gemstones started when she was a little girl. The local mineral store was like a treasure trove for Sarah. She could be found here for hours, so she started her first collection of rough and polished gemstones.

That love has grown over the years. She says this: “It is the colours and structures in gemstones that attract me so much.” And also: “I continue to marvel at the fact that this originated in the earth”.

Sarah only works with natural gemstones and not with their synthetic variants.

Favorite Gems:

Tourmalines and Corundum gemstones (like ruby and sapphire).

Both types offer excellent possibilities in gloss, colour, intensity and inclusions. It is always a quest for a perfect balance. A puzzle that Sarah loves because she knows that if the balance between colour, contrast and cut is right, it can make a difference to the entire piece of jewellery. A sharp eye and a lot of knowledge helsp her choose gems and pearls for her collections.

Shopping and picking out pearls and gemstones is one of her favourite moments for Sarah, something in which she can lose herself completely! Just like the little girl of yesteryear. “And there is always so much more to learn,” says Sarah.


Pearls only won Sarah’s heart later in her career. Why? Frankly, she thought this one belonged more to her grandmother. But luckily, she has discovered the versatility of pearls and likes to use all kinds of pearls for her jewellery. The variation in colour and shape is much more significant than just the white Akoya pearl. Sarah is happy to tell you more about pearls in her studio.

Sarah is currently experimenting with meshing, drilling and much more, and you can certainly expect many more special pearl jewellery in her collection soon!

Sarah likes to combine her gemstone jewellery with granules, small golden balls. A technique she masters to perfection and which gives a ring an organic, lively vibe. Do you find gems and pearls and the rich stories surrounding them fascinating? Ask Sarah to tell you more!