Often, Sarah gets the question, “Can you make something new with my existing treasured family pieces? Her answer is always positive; she can help you.

The possibilities are diverse, and Sarah hopes to give you a good idea of the process and what is involved through this page. It all starts with an informal conversation over coffee or tea at her studio in Beltrum.

Sarah enjoys sharing her passion for the beautiful profession she practices and looks forward to welcoming you soon. Her expertise and dedication make her the ideal partner for creating unique jewellery that tells your story and that you will be proud to wear.

From bracelet to 3 unique rings.

This was a particularly lovely commission, where their grandmother’s existing yellow gold bracelet was used to make three different rings. These rings were made for three nieces connected in the jewellery by a pearl and a hand-carved engraving.

A treasured memory with an eye to the future.

This customer indicated that he did not wear jewellery and did not want to melt the rings down. He wanted to cherish the memory of his parents but also make an investment in his daughter’s future. I placed the wedding rings on pieces of gold tubing, which in turn are soldered to a solid plate of gold. The rings were placed under a beautiful decorative bell jar and now have a place in his home. Next to the photos of both his parents and his father’s treasured pocket watch. Later, when the time comes, he wants to pass the bell jar to his daughter so she can decide what to do with the rings and the added gold.

Wearable emotions.

After her mother’s death, she wanted to have her mother’s jewellery made into a wearable keepsake. The ring had to be wearable but colourful. She told me an exceptionally courageous and emotional story when she came to collect the ring. About perseverance, hope, lots of love, and finally having to say goodbye. She ultimately chose a beautiful combination of a green diamond, tourmaline (pale pink and blue/green) and a beautiful freshwater pearl. In addition, she wanted it to be a true “Kobak” ring and asked me if I would apply granules. On the inside of the ring, a personal text is engraved and hand-graved by the engraver.

Rings containing ashes.

These two sisters each had jewellery lying around that they no longer wore, and there were also both of their parents’ wedding rings that they wanted to reuse. Another thing they both wanted was to incorporate their father’s ashes into the rings. It started with picking a matching gemstone, and we designed both rings around those gemstones. Two sisters, each with their desires and personalities. We re-used some diamonds from the existing jewellery in one of the rings. They ended up being two beautiful and unique rings.


Below, you can view individual images of various assignments Sarah has completed over the past few years. These images show fragments, different stages and final photographs of the jewellery. Do you have questions, or would you like a piece of jewellery made using your existing treasured gold jewellery or otherwise? Please feel free to contact Sarah for a no-obligation appointment. You are welcome to visit her studio in Beltrum.