About Sarah Kobak

Sarah is a jewellery designer and goldsmith with a great love for pearls and precious stones. She gets her inspiration from the love for the ‘Wunderkammer’ of nature, but also from, for example, her fascination for the world of opulent haute couture.

Sarah followed her goldsmith training in the Netherlands (ROC Zadkine, Schoonhoven), and in the United Kingdom, she followed the BA Jewellery Design (UCA Rochester, UK) training. Her talent stood out during her training in England, and her mentors saw a bright future for Sarah in England.

However, Sarah returned to the Netherlands, where she soon ran her studio full of energy. After many creative sessions, she finally found her signature style. “Just go for it” typifies her down-to-earth but decisive character. By ”just doing it” Sarah also refined her technical skills. The recognizable Sarah Kobak style is the result of this. High-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, combined with an almost magical eye for beauty.

Love for the profession.

The love for goldsmithing itself did not stop at the drawing board or workbench for Sarah. She designed Sarah her courses and workshop and even a Masterclass. In this way, she passed on her love for the profession and her knowledge to her students. In 2020 Sarah stopped her learning centre Sier & Raad, and focused entirely on her own work. She developed more collections and new designs with an even greater focus on gemstones and 18ct gold.

Sarah can count on many returning customers. Because once you buy a piece of jewellery from a professional, where so much love and attention has been put into the design and manufacture of a ring or a pair of earrings, you to get used to it. It is a form of slow consumption or slow luxury, especially when Sarah makes a design on commission (bespoke) or when a customer brings existing precious jewellery. Sarah will look with you at the many possibilities of transforming your existing jewellery so that you wear it with love again and the memory is preserved.