Give your existing gold a new life at Sarah Kobak.

Do you have precious gold jewellery with a unique story, now lying unused in a drawer because it doesn’t fit or its style doesn’t suit you (anymore)? At Sarah Kobak, these precious pieces can be given new life, customized to your current style and comfort. Sarah transforms your existing pieces into a new piece of jewellery while preserving treasured memories.

Sarah is an expert in reusing heirlooms and emotionally valuable jewellery. “Every time, it is special to work with existing jewellery. I love to hear your stories; together, we create something new,” says Sarah.

Moreover, gold often represents love and life. Thanks to Sarah’s craftsmanship, your existing gold will be transformed into a unique and appropriate design. You can reuse existing gemstones or, if desired, select new gemstones and pearls from her stock.

That’s why Sarah works closely with her clients. “Each conversation gives me the insight to capture your personal story in a unique piece of jewellery,” she explains. This unique process often starts with an orientation meeting, in which Sarah tells you about the many possibilities.

Are you considering transforming your old gold? Feel free to contact Sarah for personalized and expert guidance in creating your new piece of jewellery.