Upcycling, recycling and transforming old gold jewellery.

It is so special to be able to make jewellery for people! “During that process, I often hear many great stories,” says Sarah. But did you know that she also gives ‘old’ gold jewellery a new life? Upcycling is the latest trend in a circular economy and is a particularly sustainable way to breathe new life into jewellery.

Do you have jewellery that you would like to have adjusted and transformed into a new piece of jewellery? You are most welcome!

Precious memories jewellery

Sarah regularly receives heirlooms full of fond memories. According to Sarah, being allowed to adapt this type of jewellery into something the customer would like to wear himself is an honour.

Gold is so much more than just a precious metal; it also stands for love and hope.

Sarah’s mission is to capture your precious memories in a new design that you will wear with love. She uses her endless creativity and craftsmanship to show you all the possibilities imagined. Sometimes with the addition of new stones or pearls, or she melts down the gold of your jewellery and uses it for a whole new design, entirely to your taste, but with that clear Sarah Kobak stamp!


Upcycling and recycling jewellery is hot. It’s because people are becoming increasingly aware of sustainable solutions. Whether you think this is important or attach more importance to preserving beautiful memories that you can restyle, Sarah is happy to help you make your wishes come true!

Sarah finds the conversations with her customers about their jewellery and its stories very precious. With respect and love, she helps you to honour special memories and at the same time enjoy a new piece of jewellery that you like to wear!

Incidentally, it may also be that you are simply tired of your jewellery and would like to re-use them to design a new piece in the style of Sarah’s signature. Sarah guides you through the process so that you quickly and confidently gain insight into all possibilities.

”The exchange between my customer and me gives me the insight I need to have, to be able to capture his or her story as best as possible in a piece of jewellery.”