You may not have known that Sarah can also gives your existing gold jewellery new life. Upcycling is also called this, and it offers a unique and sustainable way to breathe new life into existing jewellery.

“Creating jewellery for people has always been an extraordinary experience”. ”During this process, I often hear the most wonderful stories,” Sarah says.

Do you have your jewellery that you want to incorporate into something new? It is possible!

Cherish your memories – Jewellery with a story.

Sarah enjoys reusing heirlooms with fond memories. Gold represents not only valuable metal but also love and hope. She transforms this jewellery into unique designs, sometimes with new stones or pearls, sometimes from remelted existing gold. Sustainability is vital, a conscious choice for environmentally conscious solutions. Do you value sustainability or the preservation of memories? Sarah is at your service.

Her conversations with clients about their jewellery and stories are valuable. With love, she honours special memories and creates jewellery to be proud of. Perhaps you would like to use your jewellery for a new design by Sarah. She lovingly guides you through the entire process.

“This exchange between me and my client gives me the insight I need to translate best his or her story into a unique piece of jewellery.”