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Unique Handmade Jewellery

Welcome to Sarah Kobak’s collection page. Here, you will find her collections, each with its own story. From the elegant Sirius Collection to the innovative Inside Out Collection, discover her jewellery, designed and crafted with passion and skill.

You are welcome to visit Sarah’s studio to see and experience the collections in real life. Or explore her webshop for a selection of handmade jewellery.

Sirius Collection – A Shining of Stars at Your Hand

Discover the Sparkle of the Starry Sky

Inspired by the mesmerizing brilliance of the Sirius star, the brightest star in our night sky, Sarah Kobak presents the breathtaking Sirius Collection. This exclusive series consists of striking gold rings, each crowned with a carefully selected, high-quality gemstone or pearl, which acts as the radiant centrepiece of each design.

Unique Handmade Rings with a Story

Each ring in the Sirius Collection is an ode to individual beauty and craftsmanship. Sarah’s distinctive style is reflected in the fine granules that adorn each piece, creating a unique and recognizable design. The rings range from a beautifully hammered surface reflecting nature’s raw beauty to a refined high-gloss finish that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Personalization and craftsmanship in Beltrum

At Sarah’s studio in Beltrum, you are invited to participate in the creative process. Here, you can choose from a wide selection of loose gemstones and pearls to assemble your Sirius ring. Sarah is happy to guide you in choosing the perfect stone, even incorporating family heirlooms to add more profound emotional value to your jewellery.

An Invitation to Radiate

Just as a bright starry sky lights up the night, rings from the Sirius collection are designed to shine on your hand, capture special moments and cherish them forever. Each piece promises lasting beauty and a personal story waiting to be told.

We invite you to visit Sarah’s studio, where she will work with you with passion and dedication to create your perfect, personalized piece of jewellery. Make an appointment and be enchanted by the Sirius Collection. You can also view the current collection online at – View the Sirius Collection>

Elevance Collection – Elegance in Every Ring

A World of Colour and Comfort

Welcome to Sarah Kobak’s Elevance Collection, where elegance and comfort merge in a beautiful palette of colours. This collection offers you the unique opportunity to create your set of rings, combining your favourite gemstones and pearls to create a harmonious whole. Choose a single, striking gemstone or pearl to add sparkle to your hand, or create a versatile and colourful composition that reflects your style.

Ultimate Comfort for Every Day

Each ring in the Elevance Collection is designed with a rounded band, providing exceptional comfort. This ergonomic shape makes the rings ideal for everyday use, making them pleasing to the eye and a pleasure to wear.

Transform your Heirlooms into Modern Works of Art

The Elevance Collection often inspires the transformation of treasured family heirlooms into modern, personal jewellery. Your existing gold can be melted down and reshaped, creating a unique link between past and present. This process ensures that the emotional value of the original piece is preserved while giving it a new, contemporary look.

An Invitation to Discover

Want to learn more about the options within the Elevance Collection? You are welcome to make an appointment to visit the studio in Beltrum. Sarah Kobak is ready to work with you to create the perfect piece of jewellery that highlights your personality and guides you every day. Make an appointment and step into the world of Elevance, where every ring tells a story. Preview this collection online at – view Inside Out Collection.>

Hoops Collection – Versatile Elegance for Every Occasion

A Gold Base, A World of Colours

Discover the sophisticated versatility of the Hoops Collection by Sarah Kobak, a series of gold earrings designed to suit any occasion. These handmade earrings provide a solid base to match any outfit. What is unique about the Hoops Collection is the ability to swap out the pendants, allowing you to customize the style of the earring completely.

Create Your Style

The Hoops Collection offers endless possibilities to personalise your style, whether you opt for a chic black look or a playful summer blue. Each pendant is carefully designed to be easily interchangeable, allowing you to switch between different looks and colours effortlessly.

A Treasury of Gems and Pearls

A treasure trove of gemstones and pearls awaits you in Sarah Kobak’s studio, ready to be transformed into your perfect pendants. Whether looking for something subtle or something that stands out, many choices are available to meet your preferences.

An Invitation to Discover

Want to experience the endless possibilities of the Hoops Collection for yourself? Make an appointment and visit the studio in Beltrum. Here, you can view the different pendants, experiment with colours and styles, and create your ideal combination. Make an appointment and let Sarah Kobak guide you in creating earrings that complete your outfit and radiate your personality. Check out the collection through the online store as well.

M.I.N.D Collection – Moments of Uniqueness, Inspiration, Novelty, Daring Expressions

A Collection of Creative Expression and Uniqueness

Sarah Kobak’s M.I.N.D Collection celebrates Moments of Uniqueness, Inspiration, Novelty, and Daring Expressions. This collection is a canvas for creative freedom and individual expression.

Moments of Uniqueness – Moments Caught in Gold

This collection begins with the idea of uniqueness. Each piece of jewellery captures a special moment, translated into a unique design that tells a story. Each piece is an embodiment of individuality and craftsmanship.

Inspiration – A Canvas of Possibilities

For Sarah, the M.I.N.D Collection is a “blank canvas” on which inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. This leads to the design and creation of jewellery consisting of unique single pieces, often in an edition of just one. It sometimes depends on the inspiration from movement, haute couture, nature, and the material itself. These sources of inspiration are at the heart of Sarah’s creative process.

Novelty – A World of Novelty

In the M.I.N.D Collection, each piece is characterized by its novelty. This jewellery is not unique in design but also in its execution. They are a tangible reflection of Sarah’s constant search for innovation and experimentation in her craft.

Daring Expressions – Expression of Daring and Individuality

The collection provides a stage for “Daring Expressions. This jewellery is not just an accessory but bold statements that emphasize the wearer’s personality. They are a celebration of boldness and individuality in each design.

An Invitation to Discover

The M.I.N.D Collection is an invitation to enter the world of unique, handmade jewellery, where each piece tells a story of creativity and individuality. Visit Sarah Kobak’s studio in Beltrum to experience this unique collection. You can also preview the collection online.

Inside Out Collection – An Inner Journey in Jewellery Design

Inside Out: A Personal Transformation

Discover Sarah Kobak’s Inside Out Collection, a series that literally and figuratively represents an inside-out experience. This collection results from a personal journey, a search for innovation and a rediscovery of the essence of her craftsmanship.

Granules – A New Approach

For years, granules, small balls of gold or silver, have played a central role in Sarah’s designs. They have become a signature of her style as a goldsmith and designer. However, faced with the need for change and growth, Sarah found an innovative approach to using these granules. She discovered new possibilities and a fresh perspective on her beloved material by turning herself inside out.

From Droplet Pearls to Colourful Creations

The collection began with a single pendant centring on a beautiful teardrop-shaped Tahiti pearl. From there, it evolved into a versatile collection complete with colour and diversity. The granules, traditionally on the outside of her creations, are now on the inside. This symbolizes a renewed approach to design and the inner transformation Sarah went through in her quest for innovation.

A Reflection of Growth and Renewal

The Inside Out Collection is more than a series of jewellery; it reflects growth, innovation and the courage to question traditional approaches. Each piece tells a story of this artistic and personal journey, inviting one to discover beauty from the inside out.

Discover the Inside Out Collection

Sarah invites you to experience this unique collection and become part of each piece’s journey. Visit Sarah Kobak’s studio in Beltrum to see and feel the Inside Out Collection in real life. Make an appointment and discover how beauty can radiate from within. Preview this collection online at – > view here