18K gold earrings with a pearl and sapphire

Pearls are special wonders of nature. They are colourful, come in a myriad of colours and sizes, and can be stark white or pitch black (and everything in between).

What is also unique about pearls; they are ready as soon as they are removed from the shell. A gemstone still needs to be cut and polished from the debris in which it is found. But a pearl is ‘ready-to-go’.

For me personally, it is the colours and the shapes in which they appear that attract me. Pearls are so much more than that (unfortunately) dusty and dull image they have. Because pearls are not just for older ladies from certain classes. Pearls are for everyone: man, woman, young, old, hip or classic. Sometimes it takes a while to find which type of pearl suits you, and that is such a beautiful adventure to embark on.

Pearls are ‘soft’, made of mother-of-pearl, and mother-of-pearl can be worked with tools. I also thought of that when I was faced with a slight dilemma: I wanted to make one pair of earrings, but only had one pearl that looked so beautiful with the violet coloured sapphires… And then I did something that made some colleagues raise an eybrow: I sawed through that one pearl.

The result: 2 beautiful balls in the same colour and lustre AND that also fell nicely on the ear because they were not so round anymore.

The earrings are 18 kt yellow gold and contain one beautiful Tahitian pearl with matching sapphires.

These earrings are available but know that you can also commission this model in many other colour combinations. Do you want to know more? Please do not hesitate to contact me.