The beauty of handmade jewellery.

Handmade is a term we often encounter with jewellery, but rarely is the degree of handwork precise. Jewellery with gemstones usually requires an artisanal part of the process, especially setting the stones is an art in itself. However, not everything at a jeweller is handmade, but at Sarah Kobak, everything is handcrafted. From design to finished product, Sarah does everything herself, which makes her work extraordinarily authentic. Even her permanent collections, available in her studio, are so limited in production that you rarely find someone with the same piece of jewellery.

Sarah’s love for the craft, years of experience and technical skills drive her to design and create beautiful jewellery. Each handmade jewel tells a unique story, beginning with inspiration and careful consideration. Before a piece of jewellery reaches your hands, it goes through a process of balance, proportion, finish and technical precision, including carefully selecting colours, composition, gemstones and pearls.

Sarah creates each piece of jewellery with love and dedication so that it reflects your personal story and becomes invaluable. Her handmade jewellery is an expression of craftsmanship, technique and care. Visit Sarah Kobak’s studio in Beltrum and give yourself the attention you deserve. You are welcome for an exploratory discussion to discover what Sarah can do for you. Contact her today with no obligation!