Why buy a handmade piece of jewellery?

Handmade jewellery is made with love. Piece by piece.

After a period of creative inspiration, deep thought is given to the design. Sketches follow and more drawings until suddenly the piece of jewellery is perfectly written on paper.

Before the piece of jewellery finds its way to you, a lot of thought has gone into balance, proportion, finish and techniques. But also about colour, the gemstones and pearls.

When Sarah has conceived her design, the implementation follows. A process that she will gladly explain to you when you visit her studio. Sarah’s jewellery often starts with her own story, her core values. But when you buy a piece of jewellery, it connects that own story and its core values with yours. She works on each piece with full attention and energy until it is finished and perfect in her eyes.

And Sarah knows that jewellery gets a beautiful new story when you walk out the door with a handmade piece of jewellery from her studio. Your emotions, story, why you bought it, where and with which story connects you make a piece of jewellery so valuable.

There is a lot of love and time in a handmade piece of jewellery. Pure craftsmanship and technique too. The care and attention that has gone into a Sarah Kobak handmade piece of jewellery are tangible. Give yourself that love and attention and visit Sarah Kobak’s studio in Beltrum!