14K gold ring with grey/pink oval tourmaline.

In early 2022, I went to Inhorgenta in Munich for the first time. This is a large fair where they sell gemstones and pearls. During this trip, among other things, I visited a gemstone company where they were selling the most beautiful tourmalines, and I couldn’t contain myself…

I sat at the table and went through many batches of insanely beautiful tourmalines with my husband. Uttiltily, I had to make a choice, and, among other things, I selected three tourmalines to become a trio of rings together. Each tourmaline with its brilliant colours and depths.


What matters most to me in this series of rings is the use of the colour of the gemstones (tourmaline in this case) with how the surface of the ring is finished. I love adding texture to the ring’s band because it can affect how a ring will look in the end.

Pictured is the ring with an oval-cut grey/pink tourmaline set in a 14K yellow gold ring. The ring features a deep dented hammer finish and is highly polished for an added reflective effect. All the parts are handmade in the studio in Beltrum, and all the details together, make it a one-of-a-kind design and jewel.


  • 14K yellow gold
  • Grey/pink tourmaline

Gemstone size:

  • 8x6mm – 1.08ct

The ring dimensions:

  • The width of the ring is 6mm.
  • The thickness of the ring is 1.2mm
  • Ring size is 19 – 60 – 9,5 (Note: can only be made smaller due to the motif)