Peacock pride

And another beautiful Tahiti pearl, only then a so-called ‘peacock’ Tahiti pearl. And when you see the pearl, you immediately understand why they call it that.

This beautiful pearl has a special colour gradient from green to purple. That was why I used it in a ring so that I could illuminate both sides extra utilizing a matching gemstone. The purple one is a garnet (yes, really!), and the green one is a green tourmaline.

You can find my signature granules between the gemstones and the pearls. Small balls of gold are soldered onto the piece of jewellery piece by piece. The ring’s band has a matching hammer blow to give the ring a little extra.

This ring is a unique piece, and no such ring will be made again. She is an absolute eye-catcher and has an exquisite appearance.

How would you wear this ring? Would you only wear it on occasions or ‘just because you can’.


  • 14K yellow gold
  • Tahiti pearl (peacock)
  • Tourmaline (green)
  • Garnet (purple)

Dimensions of gemstones and pearl:

  • Garnet 5mm round
  • Tourmaline 5,5mm round
  • Pearl 10mm

Ring sizes:

  • Width of the ring 7mm
  • Thickness of the ring 1.2mm
  • Ring size 19