Red gold necklace with soufflé pearl


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Do you recognize the feeling? That you look at the clouds in the sky and see all kinds of odd/crazy/unique shapes or animals?

I had that as a child when I sat in the car with my parents and then looked at the clouds. I could see complete stories and animals and completely lose myself in them. I loved to fantasize about magical animals and unique worlds.

Pearls can also provide the necessary fantasies and dream parties. Especially pearls that are anything but round, such as these so-called souffle pearls. Souffle pearls are formed by placing a stretchable core (a ball of hard mud) in the pearl bag in the shell, from which a small pearl had previously been harvested. So they fill the existing pearl bag with mud and because the mud expands when it comes into contact with water, the existing pearl bag also gets bigger. The shell will deposit mother-of-pearl around this; et voila! You have a hollow, very light and unique pearl.

Souffle pearls are not widely available, and I am glad that I have a few in stock to make unique jewellery.

Such as this red gold necklace with pink soufflé pearls and pink corundum gemstone.

A sweet and tender necklace with a very feminine appearance.

  • 14K red gold
  • Pink souffle pearl
  • Pearl is approx. 19x16mm
  • Total length is 47cm
  • Corundum is 2mm