18K yellow gold ring with an oval cut yellow corundum gemstone


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Getting a summer vibe, while wearing this bright yellow gold ring with corundum.

Corundum is a name for a certain group of gemstones of which you are most likely familiar with some: sapphire and ruby. Corundum gems are not just blue or red, but come in many different colours. Due to it’s high hardness (9 on the scale oh Mohs) and stunning brilliance, this gemstone is a very nice product to work with.

This ring contains an oval cut yellow corundum and as soon as the light shines on the gemstone, you will see a beautiful sparkle.

The rings from the Fine & Striking collection are wearable, striking, and delicate. Because each ring is made of a round band, the wearing comfort is very high.

You can wear the ring solo, or you can combine it with one of the other Striking Fine rings (see photos). Each ring is handmade and provided with a striking and unique gemstone. You will also find the recognizable signature of Sarah Kobak on every ring in this collection: granules.

Made of 14K or 18K and by using various types of gemstone settings and gems, each ring is fit for the Striking Fine Collection.


  • 18K yellow gold
  • Yellow corundum gemstone

Gemstone size:

  • 9x7mm (0.98ct)

Ring sizes:

  • ring size 17.25 (can be re-sized)
  • Thickness of the ring 2mm (round wire)