14K gold earrings with granules – interchangeable


The uniqueness of an interchangeable earring system.

Suppose you might wear a chic black suit one day and a bright summer dress or blouse the next. Or maybe you are getting married and looking for romantic earrings.

With these earrings, equipped with an exchange system, you can go in all directions with whatever you want.

The basis of this system is a pair of 14kt or 18kt yellow gold earrings, which are attached to the ear using a pin.

A cluster of granules at the end of the earring ensures that the pendants, which you may hang on the earring, cannot slide off the earring.

Then, for these essential earrings, you can buy loose gemstone pendants in different colours, combinations and shapes.

There are two types of pendants you can hang on these earrings:

  • Dangles – consisting of a gem or pearl hanging.
  • Tumblers – consisting of a combination of 2 types of gemstones or pearls tumbling (see photos).

And it is precisely that last combination (tumblers) that gives the earrings an extra festive touch.

The earrings you see in the picture are made of 14kt yellow gold. Each pair of earrings from the changeling system, with granules, is made entirely by hand. This allows the granules to be distributed slightly differently than in the photo.

Good to mention that these earrings are also available in 18kt gold and various gold colours. Such as red gold, white gold or rose gold. Would you like more information about making these earrings in a different gold type? If so, please feel free to contact me at info@sarahkobak.nl


  • 14K yellow gold


  • The earrings are approx. 22mm long and 17mm wide