Double 18K golden rings

Not 1, but 2 rings in one set.

A design, that for me personally, has a very special feature. Namely the lack of my recognizable granules… Yes, no granules… Just a striking set of rings where colour and contrast play the leading role.

What these rings have, are an absolutely and exceptionally beautiful high quality bi-color sapphire and a pearl with a luster (shine) that you say ‘hello, how do you do’ to. A pearls, so lustrus, you can use it as a mirror to put on your mascara. As far as I’m concerned, these 2 beautiful gifts made by mother nature, needed no further decoration. This is why I did not put my signature on this design. It was enough.

The rings are both made of intense 18K yellow gold and for contrast, the ring of the smooth pearl has a facetted and matted surface. And the ring of the faceted sapphire has a high-gloss and sleek finish. Different yet appropriate and enriching.

High-quality materials, subtle design and a unique item. Although there may be no granules used, I am very happy with this ring. And more rings like this will follow in the future. For now I hope that this beautiful set will soon be able to ‘show off’ on the hand of it’s new owner.

  • 18K yellow gold (rings and setting)
  • Sapphire
  • Tahitian pearl
Gemstone & pearl size:
  • 2.8ct natural bi-color sapphire in a vibrant cut.
  • 9.5mm Tahitian pearl with high luster and green/blue/pink overtones.
Dimensions both rings:
  • Both rings are made of 2.5mm round wire.
Ring size:
  • 18