In balance


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We are finding and keeping the balance.

I had long thought of incorporating the element of balance into my jewellery. The mass between a pearl and a gemstone is sometimes so different, and that inspired me to see how I incorporate that into a piece of jewellery.

It started with a sample of silver and 3 pearls, and it worked! Then there is only one thing to do: go for “the real deal”!

This is the first pair in this “In balance” series, and I can tell you that several more models are in the pipeline to be completed.

They have become chic and exquisite earrings that move back and forth to the rhythm of the wearer. Made of 14kt yellow gold, it features four white freshwater pearls.

They turned out to be a pair of absolute eye-catchers, and I can’t wait to see these shining in the ears of the new owner.


  • 14K yellow gold
  • 4 white freshwater pearls
  • Clear Christal drops

Pearl size:

  • 2x 8mm
  • 2x 7mm

Christal dimensions:

  • 30mm long and 8mm wide

The total length of the earrings is approximately 75mm (7.5cm)