Nocturnal glamour


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Nocturnal Glamour: White Gold Earrings with Onyx and Gray Spinel.

Enter a world of enchanting darkness and nocturnal allure with these earrings. This exquisite ear jewelryjewels embodies the timeless elegance of white gold, the mysterious appeal of onyx and the sparkling splendour of grey spinel.

This pair of ear jewels is infused with a deep, dark beauty. The white gold features white gold granules that create a subtle textural play. The onyx pamphlets add an element of playfulness, while the deep black colour exudes nocturnal charm.

These earrings are not only jewellery but also a testament to the timeless power of simplicity and splendour. Wear them to envelop yourself in the night’s mysterious allure, or add a touch of glam to your special moments by candlelight.

Discover the art of subtle sophistication and mesmerizing shine with this pair of earrings – your perfect companion for nighttime wear.

Materials & dimensions:

  • 14K white gold
  • Onyx 31mm long
  • Gray spinel gemstones 5.5mm
  • Overall length of earrings 65mm