Grey Enchantment


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Grey Enchantment: a beautiful set of a zircon necklace and matching pendant.

Step into the world of sophistication with the Grey Enchantment pendant and necklace, a perfect addition to the M.I.N.D collection.

This pendant and matching necklace embody not only my love of craftsmanship but also a genuine passion for using high-quality and exceptional materials. Zircon is a beautiful natural material that has a very high brilliance. Therefore, it should not be confused with the synthetic zirconia 😉

The name reflects the grey tones and the modern sophistication that characterizes this piece.


  • 14K yellow gold
  • Gray moonstone – pear cabochon cut
  • Tahitian pearl
  • Zircon


  • The pendant itself measures 29mm long and 13mm wide
  • Moonstone is 15x11mm
  • Tahitian pearl is 7.7mm (and that is quite unique for a Tahitian pearl!)

The length of the Zircon necklace measures 45 cm and is strung on steel wire.