Azure serenity

An ode to the spinel and the pearl is what this ring is.

Two excellent natural products, each with such beautiful properties. The sparkle of these blue spinel gemstones, combined with the satin look of this beautiful blue/green Tahitian pearl. There is so much magic in this combination. Did you know that spinel gemstones have high hardness? Like corundum, it is a gemstone type that is very suitable for use in a ring.

Last year (2022), I was looking for new ring forms. Rings are often made from a flat plate, but a ring can be made in many shapes and sizes. And sometimes, it just doesn’t have to be complicated, but two perfectly finished rings are enough! Especially when you add those beautiful materials.

This ring is from a series of 3 unique rings that I called “wearable dreams. Because I always keep dreaming of new shapes, materials and challenges. Ten years ago, I could only dream of working with such unique materials. And with these rings, that dream has come true after all.

I make only one of each colour combination, which is entirely handmade.

The ring as shown:


  • 14K yellow gold
  • blue/green Tahitian pearl
  • blue spinel gemstones

Diamond and pearl dimensions.

  • The pearl is 9mm
  • The spinelles are 3mm

Ring sizes.

  • The ring itself is made of round wire that is 2mm thick.
  • the ring is a size 17.5